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TSS Wireless, Inc. was incorporated in California in July 1996. For the first two years the company focused on developing highly modular software libraries and tools that could be used to create user-friendly software applications directed towards the passenger and product transportation industries. During this period with direct customer feedback and live beta tests the company further designed its products to provide ground transportation managers and transportation service providers with an integrated system consisting of internet enabled Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, wireless communications and "back-office" administrative functions. Since 1998 the company has actively marketed its products and offerings. During this period the company has generated a noticeable market profile and sales momentum as a tightly run private company. In May of 2001, TSS Wireless, Inc. was successfully reincorporated in the state of Delaware.

TSS Wireless is an aggressive, innovative company with the stated mission of becoming "the leading solution provider to the Fleet Management & Logistics market by converging wireless, information and internet technologies to efficiently move people & products".

With offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, TSS Wireless develops, markets, implements, and supports web and wireless enabled turnkey solutions for a broad segment of the Fleet Management & Logistics Industry. The Company's market-specific application software, mobile and portable devices, and infrastructure products provide fleet dispatch, tracking and back-office management solutions to airport based ground transportation managers, metropolitan transportation service providers and product transportation service providers. The Company also offers a full range of services including: operations analysis, software integration, training and support.

TSS Wireless is launching the next generation of transportation automation solutions with a unique combination of web and wireless. This combination brings more accurate and efficient two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers, and flexibility and responsiveness to time-sensitive pick-up and delivery operations.

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