As businesses become more competitive, complex and e-commerce driven, real-time global logistics information becomes one of the keys to a company's long-term success. A highly efficient fleet management & logistics information system can address organizations' needs for transporting people and delivering products when and where they want it in a cost effective manner.

With years of experience in the fleet management and logistics field, professionals from the TSS Wireless Fleet Services Team will ensure that you:
  • get the right solution for your operation
  • get seamless connectivity to information
  • and your staff are fully trained and ready to go
  • experience minimal operational interruption
Operations Analysis
In order to ensure that a solution for your business need is implemented, members of the TSS Fleet Services Team can come to your location and analyze your operation. TSS will then deliver to you a detailed case study, which will supply you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. Our case studies can also be used for budget, cost justification, ROI and other financial measures.

Software Integration
TSS software solutions are designed to operate seamlessly with any type of existing technology. Whether you need information trasferred to mainframe or PC, from existing AVI readers to wireless handheld devices, TSS software solutions can provide that bridge.

TSS Fleet Services has made it a point to hire individuals who are not only technologically savvy, but also have end-user experience with fleet management and logistics systems. Once certified as a TSS Trainer, these individuals are ideally suited to ensure that you and your staff will be prepared to use your TSS solution to its full potential.

The nature of your business is mission critical. At TSS we understand this and have built the most responsive support team in the industry. Our solutions are offered with 7x24 year round support. You can rest assured that if you call TSS for assistance, your call will be answered with dilligence and professionalism.

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