Product Architecture
Product Architecture

Turnkey solutions in the fleet management industry require integration of many technologies to provide unified user experience. The Company's application platform provides a solid foundation for its solutions. The Company's architecture is based upon application components (software building blocks) that can be selected and packaged together to create robust mission-critical applications. Components can be used as is, or customized or extended to fit particularly unique aspects of a business scenario. TSS Wireless' components family is structured as packages. Each package contains a set of components that plays a specific role in assembling an application.

  • Features:
    • Company architecture ensures that applications built on the components model run in a scaleable, high-performance, enterprise-class fashion as well as in small low-maintenance deployments.
    • Works with leading EJB Application Servers
    • Works with leading databases
    • Integrates with legacy systems

  • Wireless IP. Public packet-based communication services provide standardized cost-efficient infrastructure for wireless applications. Wireless IP is at the core of the Company's strategy and is one of the key advantages over solution providers with proprietary infrastructure architectures.

  • Software-driven mobile devices. The transportation industry imposes high requirements onto mobile devices such as needs for GPS based progress tracking, needs to continue operation in the out of coverage zones, etc… These kinds of tasks require software-driven mobile devices for cost-efficiency and flexibility. We are committed to cross-platform compatibility through Java technology to support various mobile platforms in our solutions.

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